Video advertising is by far one of the most popular ways to reach audiences online. Consumers love video content, so hitching your advertising wagon to video content is a surefire way to get eyes on your brand.

At LEE ENTERPRISES, POWERED BY AMPLIFIED DIGITAL AND BRAND AVE. STUDIOS we offer full-service production and distribution of video advertising content. Custom created client video can include animation, branded shorts, commercials, custom content, scripting, voiceover, and drone or gimbal operator.

In-stream ads are the most popular form of video advertisements. These are videos that play before, during or after another form of video content. Oftentimes, in-stream ads are interactive, encouraging viewers to click through in order to claim an offer or learn more. Other common forms include rewarded ads, which appear in video games and give users the chance to earn something by watching the video, and shoppable ads through which viewers can purchase an item immediately.

While video is an incredibly popular format, it is critical that customers find video ads to be interesting and relevant and not obtrusive and annoying, which is a line that’s very easy for a video ad to cross. This is just one reason to employ professionals like those at LEE ENTERPRISES, POWERED BY AMPLIFIED DIGITAL AND BRAND AVE. STUDIOS to develop your video ads.

Like display ads and connected TV ads, video ads can be targeted to customers based on factors such as location, age, income, hobbies, interests and the other content they are consuming. You can also tie video ads to specific video content or formulate them around the specific platform on which you intend to display them. On TikTok, for example, video ads may be just a few seconds long, while on YouTube 15-second and 30-second ads remain popular.

Advantages of investing in video ads include:

  • The chance to connect with customers using a dynamic and engaging format that’s easier and more fun to consume than written text
  • Reaching customers through the format they spend the most time consuming
  • Owning pieces of original content that customers can share, organically expanding your reach
  • The ability to convey a lot of information in a very short amount of time
  • Content that is optimized to be consumed on mobile devices
  • Autoplay (in most cases), which ensures that customers will see at least part of your ad without actively deciding to watch it

For more information on how LEE ENTERPRISES, POWERED BY AMPLIFIED DIGITAL AND BRAND AVE. STUDIOS can help you take advantage of video advertising, click here.