A professionally managed and active social media presence offers the opportunity to engage with and build relationships with customers like never before. By expertly utilizing all of the most popular social media channels — including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, TikTok — the team at LEE ENTERPRISES, POWERED BY AMPLIFIED DIGITAL AND BRAND AVE. STUDIOS will help you develop and curate each platform in order to increase brand awareness, grow your audience, manage your online reputation and connect with customers, with the ultimate goal of increasing traffic and building your customer base.

There are numerous benefits to engaging expert social media management — as many brands find out the hard way, it’s more difficult than it looks!

These benefits include:

  • A clear and consistent online image that provides customers with a well-defined picture of who you are as a brand, as well as your goals and strengths as a company
  • A stronger presence in conversations happening online about your brand — and the ability to start, steer and influence those conversations yourself
  • Higher SEO rankings thanks to increased brand and link exposure across platforms, making it easier for customers to find you
  • Access to instant feedback from customers in real time
  • The ability to run direct-to-consumer promotions and campaigns
  • Invaluable data that can drive future decision-making across advertising, product development, strategy, public relations and more departments
  • Access to an easy-to-use dashboard that makes managing social media accounts across different networks and platforms simple and efficient
  • Professionals creating unique, original content informed by experience and knowledge of different platforms that has a higher likelihood of landing with customers
  • Creation and management of targeted social advertising
  • Increased traffic to your social media platforms and your website as a result
  • The ability to geo-target customers in different locations with specific offers or campaigns
  • The opportunity to humanize your brand and help customers see you as a collection of real people

For more information on how LEE ENTERPRISES, POWERED BY AMPLIFIED DIGITAL AND BRAND AVE. STUDIOS can provide professional social media management for your brand, click here.