Internet users love quizzes. For your business, quizzes offer a fun and interactive way to engage social media scrollers or website visitors and turn them into customers. There are a few different types of quizzes that can be utilized as part of a digital marketing strategy. The team at LEE ENTERPRISES, POWERED BY AMPLIFIED DIGITAL AND BRAND AVE. STUDIOS can work with you to determine the ideal approach, plus develop and place the quiz where it will get maximum visibility and return.

A content-promoting quiz tests users on their knowledge of a certain topic — one that happens to be your company’s area of expertise. These quizzes point takers to content, resources or tools directly related to the topic of the quiz.

A lead-generating quiz asks questions specific to your products or services and points the taker toward the best product or service for them at the end.

A knowledge-based quiz asks general, trivia-style questions to engage a certain type of person or segment of your audience. These quizzes aren’t designed to send users straight to the front of the line of paying customers, but instead to subtly communicate something about your brand (such as its values, goals or market positioning) and attract customers who feel the same.

The many benefits of incorporating quizzes into your digital marketing strategy include:

  • The opportunity to provide value and/or entertainment in exchange for collecting contact information
  • A chance to demonstrate your value as a brand to potential customers
  • Generating a shareable piece of content that organically expands your reach
  • A promotable, interactive asset for you to share on your owned and/or paid channels
  • Creating a marketing tool whose success and engagement is very easy to measure

For more information on how LEE ENTERPRISES, POWERED BY AMPLIFIED DIGITAL AND BRAND AVE. STUDIOS can help build and disseminate viral quizzes, click here.